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I’m Matt, a forward-thinking graphic designer from The Midlands, UK. Fuelled by a love of 80’s movies, comic books & skateboard graphics, I set up my design studio because I’m passionate about good design. I enjoy helping people and I love developing brands for other creatives. As well as studying design at college, my background is in photography – so I know first-hand the importance of creating a unique brand with personality as the foundation.

Outside of the studio I live with my wife Jo, a neonatal nurse, 3 small people, two lazy pugs – Elvis & Dolly & a tortoise called Ringo. For as long as I can remember Ive been obsessed with comics, The Beatles and skateboarding. I love old movies and I believe the best kind of design is found in old books, hand-painted signs and by digging through second hand stores. My beard is longer and much scruffier in real life.