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Forget what you know about wedding photography because Hannah Hall is far from average. Her work is all about capturing the moments, the connections – all the feels, all the fun. There’s no cheesy posing, just honest, raw emotion, Hannah’s work is stylish, modern and cool, but above all else its full to the brim with personality.

Hannah and I had a few conversations around her business, she felt that it was time to change things up. She’d been shooting for a few years and the business was really starting to grow – attracting the right kind of couples is key in the wedding game and Hannah was feeling like maybe she’d outgrown her current branding. What I knew about Hannah was that she had a huge personality, everyone who knows her will tell you that, and when we looked through her branding, the thing that was missing was Hannah.

I went right back to basics in my initial research for this project, hanging out and drinking tea with Hannah and stalking her Instagram feed made it easy for me to see why couples choose her to photograph them on their big day. It was clear to me that every element making up the new brand needed to match Hannah’s personality – fun, colourful & eclectic. We knew that we had to go bold – bright colours, fonts that stood out and a logo that definitely did not contain a camera.

What I wanted to give Hannah was a toolkit of awesomeness that she could dip into at any point – different items that she could mix up whilst keeping everything anchored into her signature style. What I love most is the way Hannah has taken everything I’ve given her and ran with it, creating an awesome set of printed elements that I know her couples will love getting in the post.

“My photography business was two and half years old and while bookings were ticking over nicely I felt like I was struggling to attract my ideal client and felt that perhaps my branding was a little too ‘safe’, for want of a better word, so I asked Matt to come up with something totally out there and totally me… Which is a pretty hard task, I think, because I really struggled to define what ‘me’ was.

Turns out Matt has a better idea of ‘me’ than me and at our first meeting I was pretty blown away that he’d taken the time to scroll back through WEEKS of my Instagram feed to start putting together a picture of my eccentricities and what made me tick. He listened to what I had to say and what I felt I wanted and was able to piece all those ideas into an initial concept. From that point onwards the process felt so incredibly natural, I loved everything that Matt showed me and he was totally receptive to the tweaks I wanted to make too.

The final product is amazing, I’ve barely made a dent at switching over my social media and web stuff but already the comments from clients and other photographers has been amazing. Everyone’s first words are something along the lines of “that’s you all over Hannah” with comments about how it’s so different to anything people have seen and that’s just what I wanted… After all, there is only one of me! 

Matt is a fabulous creative, a perfectionist with amazing vision. I know that this rebrand is the thing that will push my business forward in 2017 and I am 100% indebted to him for that. If you want design that will sing your song, Matt is your man… Don’t think about it for another second. “

– Hannah Hall