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Giving your business a rebrand is a really exciting time. Often the process can take months of hard work and planning, on top of the work you do actually running your business. I can remember when I first started my photography business, I was working all the hours I could shooting, editing, marketing and setting the business up – I had to work on the branding side of things in my spare time, mostly late at night while everyone was in bed.

So, you’ve put the handwork in, you’re happy, proud and excited to share your brilliant new look with the rest of the world, but now what? How can you ensure you make the absolute most out of letting everyone know who you are and what you do?

My experience is that rebrands are so much more than a new logo, often they are a step in a new direction. They usually come at the end of a period of growth, when a business has gone from being relatively new to cementing its space in the market, or stepping up to compete amongst bigger, more established brands. With this in mind its important to make sure that the launch of your rebrand goes off with a bang!

How to make things happen

I think the first step is to set a date for the relaunch. It can be so easy to keep delaying things or moving slowly when you run your own business and before you know it you’ve just uploaded your new logo to your social media accounts and thats the end of that. Setting a date and telling people about it will make you accountable, keep your timings realistic and stick to them, plan to get everything ready in time for the big launch.

How will you launch?

What about doing a countdown? Once your date is set counting down on social media using some of your new brand elements is a great idea to keep people’s attention. Try revealing something new each day so that people are keen to stay following your launch. Involving your audience and clients on social media with snippets of your new look will create a real buzz around your launch.

Why not throw a launch party? It can double as a celebration of how far your business has come since you started – invite potential clients as well as those who have already used you for your services – people who have had excellent service from you in the past mixing with people who are potentially going to book you is great marketing. 


Use the launch as a way to network with other local businesses, if you’re a wedding photographer for example invite previous local couples and newly engaged couples, other local wedding suppliers and people in business. How about a competition or giveaway? People love to enter a competition on social media – getting them to do the leg-work for you by sharing your work and also building a network of leads for your mailing list. You don’t have to give something away completely free either, try a discount or an add-on when they book something else from you.

Make sure you tell people about it! Local newspapers are always fighting for stories, especially of local businesses – invite them along or even just phone them and ask about a feature. Try local bloggers or other industry professional, get people talking about your business.

Rebranding is a great excuse to reconnect with previous customers – send them something in the post. Emailing is easy, and often I think things can get lost in amongst the days worth of spam and other nonsense that arrives in your inbox. An invitation or a brochure in the post is a great way to show of your new branding and grab their attention – you could even offer them a small discount this way.

Be ready

Get organised early, plan and schedule as much as you can to make everything run smoothly and stress free, be sure to order printed items well in advance of the launch date.Keep up the good work. Be sure to keep the momentum going after the launch – you’ll likely see a spike in activity, sales and contact through your business – keep this going by keeping your business in peoples minds. Plan a series of smaller launches for the weeks and months after the main launch, a new product or service perhaps, or a new discount or offer. Don’t forget to do something with the information people gave when they registered interest –  make the most out of it by sending them an update or newsletter or even just a thank you for supporting the launch.

Good luck with launching, leave us a comment in the blog if you have any tips on how you launched your business or any questions if you are planning a rebrand – we’d love to hear from you!