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Absolutely not! While online content is vital, there is still no better feeling than being able to hold in your hands something thats been beautifully designed and lovingly printed. This is why having printed marketing material is an invaluable tool to any successful business.

We’re a little old fashioned here at the MJDC and we love nothing more than searching through old books and magazines for design ideas, in fact every single project starts with a pen and paper – all of our work is started by hand and we have a pretty good idea of how we want a project to look and feel before we even look at a computer screen. The studio here is full of comics and old books, we collect cool printed items and we have drawers full of old menus & postcards we regularly dig through to find inspiration for new projects.

Whether its a letter head, business card or a thank – you note we can design brilliantly for print and can even recommend local, quality printers to provide you with everything you need to market yourself.

Graphic design services are charged at a rate of £50 per hour, please get in touch for a bespoke quote for any design work.

Additional services such as website design, marketing materials and business services are all priced additionally – please get in touch for a quote.

“If you want design that will sing your song – Matt is your man, do not think about it for another second!” – Hannah Hall